„Kopfjäger“ is a  German radio play

Friedrich von Schiller - one of the most famous classical German poets - died in 1805 and was buried in a communal vault. When the tomb was reopened in 1826 to gather remains of the body Schiller‘s equally famous friend Wolfgang von Goethe kept his skull in his own home for several months.

„Kopfjäger“ (‚head hunters‘)  relates this intimate encounter where a whole spectrum of emotions from tender sympathy to raging jealousy unfolds. In the course of events Schiller‘s remains have to endure both physical and psychological assaults. But Goethe also gets himself into trouble as he is not the only person that is after the Schiller relics.

„Kopfjäger“ was written by Sophie Ihle and produced by AstroMedya in 2009 marking Schillers 250th birthday. The radio play is in German and playing time is about one hour. A short trailer is available from this website.